Debbie Wright (2015)

Cell: 610-781-0382


 217 William Lake Shore Drive, Waconia, MN 55387


Debbie and her husband David recently moved to Waconia from Pennsylvania, leaving behind two acres of woodland, complete with path and native plants. She had completed EMG training just before moving.  She is currently working as a consulting veterinarian in the pet food industry, educating vets, vet techs, and vet students in pet nutrition. Debbie loves learning about butterflies and other pollinators, and finding ways to attract them to her yard.  In the past, she maintained a small aggregate of orchard mason bees.  She has been busy adding favorite shrubs and perennials to her new, but somewhat boring, yard. Also new this year was a vegetable straw bale garden, which was a great success.  Winter will find Debbie in her basement seed starting area, growing many annuals and vegetables from seed.



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