Judy Farniok (1998) Emeritus

Evenings & weekends:  (952) 474-6675 

Days:  (952) 903-1667 

Email:  jafarniok@gmail.com

25405 Smithtown Rd., Shorewood, MN  55331


Judy has a wonderful two acre lot where she can plant as many perennials and shrubs as she wants to actually care for!  Perennials have always been a favorite but she enjoys complementing them with shrubs and smaller under story trees.  She has a lovely Emperor Japanese Maple that flatters the hosta bed and brings that bling of color. She loves to share her garden with her friends and family and is always willing to split a plant or two. Her favorite volunteer work is the Q&A answer booths. She lives with her husband of 32 years among the plants and flowers. 


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