Kelly Eshleman   (2013) 

Cell: (612) 718-2267


736 Countryside Road, Waconia, MN 55387


Kelly has recently acquired a "blank slate" after moving to a home/yard without any landscaping. The first order of business was to pull up some grass for a vegetable garden and to bring home her perennials from her "surrogate" garden where they over wintered from her move.  Kelly will pull together her experiences and education from the EMG program to design and develop a thriving landscape in the coming years. The landscape will include sun and shade perennials, ornamental trees, pollinator favorites, roses and an edible landscape space.


Kelly uses organic gardening technIques to support our pollinators. As a hobby beekeeper, Kelly enjoys talking about bees with the public. She has helped educate the Waconia City Council on honeybees while they reviewed an ordinance to allow beekeeping within the City limits in 2016.  She welcomes all pollinators to enjoy her chemical free plantings and is a member of the Minnesota Hobby Beekeeper Association.


It is hard to choose a favorite flower, but peonies are at the top of the list. Kelly has some peonies that were divided from her grandmother's garden atleast 30 years ago. Indoor favorites include orchids, a few cactus and she has a love-hate relationship with an organic lime tree.


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