Larry Enter  (2002) 

Anytime:  (952) 955-2520     


2155 Ridge Ave., Watertown, MN  55388


Larry and Dee enjoy participating in the Master Gardener program together.  Larry is retired from education, having been the principal at Watertown-Mayer High School for 29 years.  Larry, along with Dee, operates Apple Ridge Orchard.  The orchard sells 15 varieties of apples including the U of M's three latest varieties:  Zestar, Honeycrisp, and Snowsweet.  He also has 5 acres filled with roses, grapes, dahlias, gladiolus, perennials, and a variety of trees.  He specializes in fruit trees, flowers, and lawn care. He enjoys learning about horticulture, sharing ideas, and discussing information with community members and fellow MGs.  


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