Laurel Schnabel (2015) 

Cell: (952) 923-5199


9167 Sunnyvale Drive, Chanhassen, MN   55317


Laurel has been gardening for over 25 years. With a love for flowers, she has focused her efforts over the years on perfecting the art of growing perennials. The yard around her home contains 7 perennial gardens. She also maintains a small vegetable garden to satisfy her husbands love of fresh tomatoes. Laurel was raised in Minnesota, Illinois and upstate New York. Her early gardening memories are of having to unwillingly weed her parents extensive vegetable garden and pick raspberries from her father's raspberry bushes. To this day, though she enjoys vegetables from the garden, she devotes less of her time there than with her beloved perennials. Laurel has also developed a love over the years of photographing flowers in nature. She has collected an extensive collection of photographs taken at the Arboretum which is very near her home.


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