Lilli Abeln (2002)  

Home:  (952) 496-1935

Cell:  (952) 688-4485

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730 W. 128th St., Shakopee, MN  55379


Lilli is recently retired and with the help of her husband has replaced 5 X 20' lilac bushes with a mini orchard of dwarf plum, cherryt, apple, appricot, peach and pear trees using the French method of espalier and polarding to shape the fruit trees to reduce space needed to grow them on their 1/5 acres. Also in the yard are blueberries, elderverries, black raspberries, strawverries, kiwi and two species of nets, walnut and hazelnut.

She recently completed the MN Tree Care Advocate program for the city of Shakopee and those residents may see her along boulevards and parks wearing a bright green vest trimming the trees and bushes for Shakopee.

Lilli has won 2 MN State Fair blue ribbons for her wine making and apple growing in 2006. Her interest now include straw-bale gardening along with preserving, fermenting, and freexing vegetables and fruit.

She is particularly interested in ornamental grasses, grape growing and wine making, apple tree grafting, herbs, ground covers, yard art, and unusual or distinctive tree species (Old World Redwood, Ginko Biloba).   She recently added a couple of small green houses to extend the growing season


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