Mary Ann Pedtke (2000)  Emeritus 

Home:  ( 952) 470-9583  

Cell: (612) 308-5377

email -

5709 Mahoney Ave.    Minnetonka, MN   55345


Mary Ann is a married, a retired RN who enjoys perennials, native plants, low maintenance gardening and container gardening.  She moved to a Prairie design home with a Japanese style garden three yrs. ago  and enjoys the  challenge of maintaining this look.   She has four siblings in WI who are Master Gardeners and through them learned of the book :  "National Geographic Guide to America's Public Gardens" and now when traveling she makes a point to visit them.   Mary Ann took the core course in 2000 and has always admired the love and passion of gardening I see in fellow MG's and the U of MN staff that teach us.   Mary Ann and husband Richard have a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren


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