Steven Hanson   (2013)

Home:  (952) 9388963

Cell:  (612) 760-2500


4101 Dynasty Drive, Minnetonka, MN   55345


Steve and his wife, Laura, also a CSMG, have two daughters and three grandchildren.  Steve considers himself Laura's garden helper, but considers his expertise dealing with exotic invasives like garlic mustard and buckthorn. Steve retired in 2011 after 40 years as a master electrician.  He's spent much of his time sense helping with hardscape and pruning trees in the back 40 with his chainsaw.  His favorite plant is the Asiatic Lily, and he most appreciates nicely done water features and garden design when he visit other gardens. Stebe and Laura's gardens are one of the gardens in the 2016 CSEMG Garden Tour.


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